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Our Teachers

Alexia Papadopoulos

Alexia Papadopoulos was born in the United States and spent her summers growing up in a small village in Greece. In March of 2002, she decided to move permanently to Greece and became a teacher for a private language institute. After living there for eight years doing work on the family farm, moonlighting as a radio DJ and teaching, Alexia came back to the United States full time. Having an interest in the medical field she began working for a radiology office and then finally a neurosurgery and orthopedic spine specialists.

Larissa Santoro

Meet Larissa Santoro!!
Larissa is an International yoga teacher, spending time traveling and teaching in Europe, California and Connecticut. She has been practicing Bikram yoga for almost 10 years and you’ll often hear her say that this yoga has saved her life. She found peace and comfort in a regular practice and embraced the yogi lifestyle from the start. Always wanting to take the next step to teacher training, she finally got the chance in February 2018 with Evolation Yoga in Hawaii.

Dina Castelluccio

Dina Castelluccio began her dance training at a young age at Stratford Center for the Performing Arts in CT and CT Dance Conservatory. After graduating she made her way to NYC to train with the industry’s top teachers at Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway and Dance New Amsterdam. In NYC, Dina was the co-founder and artistic director of Clarity in Motion, a contemporary company, producing Falling Awake and Glass Houses. Her work has also been seen The Joyce Theater NYC. Also, while in NYC, Castelluccio was given the opportunity to direct the musical theater show Broadway Babes. As a performer, she was a member of Millennium Dance Company, under the direction of Devin Pulls and performed in Broadway in the Park. Dina has traveled the country as a master teacher, choreographer and National Dance Competition Judge.

Jackie Ryan

Jackie Ryan started her Bikram Yoga journey 12 years ago and never looked back. Jackie is a teacher, an artist, a health and life coach, a wilderness mentor, a traveler and a dancer, and she couldn’t be who she is today without yoga. Through this practice, Jackie was able to cure her asthma, allergies and eczema, say goodbye to depression, insomnia, and a binge eating disorder, and cultivate an empowered sense of self and compassion for others. After 7 years of dedicated practice, Jackie felt the call to become a teacher so that she could help other people to heal their own bodies and minds. She went through Bikram’s 9-week intensive training in the Spring of 2014 in Los Angeles and is humbled and grateful to be sharing this practice that has so deeply transformed her life.

Candace Maisel

Meet Candace Maisel!
Candace began her yoga journey in 2012 after sustaining a series of injuries as an avid runner and dance fitness instructor. She found the intense heat and overall experience to be healing both physically and mentally. She feels it provides a balance where you’re able to listen to your body’s needs instead of feeling at odds with it’s limitations.

Frank Rupp

Frank began his movement journey as a competitive Irish Dancer and Irish Dance teacher. He later found a sanctuary in yoga, instantly drawn to the power yoga held in connecting people not only to each other but also to themselves.
He received his 200-Hour teaching certification in Power Vinyasa from CorePower Yoga in 2019 and is passionate about exploring every healing avenue yoga has to offer, particularly its power in recovery from trauma and addiction.

Tonisha Cohen King

Meet Tonisha Cohen-King, LCSW, Certified Yoga Instructor.
Tonisha has completed over 200 hours of Yoga teacher training and is certified in Chair Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yin Yoga, Reiki l, Reiki ll and is in the process of completing her 100 Meditation teacher training.
Tonisha teaches a Vinyasa style flow and connects mind, body, breath, and spirit into her Yoga practice by including the following:

Jeff Bousquet

“Welcoming Jeff Bousquet to the FCHY family!

Aside being a badass Vinyasa instructor, Jeff is a personal trainer, a home improvement contractor, a Yin instructor and dedicates his life to helping others find the same solace he once needed as well.

With all of the noise of the outside world melting away the moment Jeff stepped on his mat, he knew he wanted to incorporate the study and practice of yoga into his life

Jessica Demelis

Jessica Demelis began practicing Bikram yoga after enduring multiple sports injuries and found herself 25 lbs over weight. She fell in love with how the practice seemingly healed her body from the inside out. Every organ, bone, joint and body function improved tremendously. Jessica found that a consistent yoga practice helped her overcome physical hurdles. The added benefit of a 90-minute meditation along with training one how to properly breathe through some of life’s most trying moments was invaluable. After just six months she decided it was time to teach. Her background in the medical field gave her a solid foundation and a deeper physiological understanding of how the postures connect with the human body. Teaching, to her, was a no brainer.

Aaron Urbain

This is Aaron. Aaron teaches and practices yoga. Aaron will likely address you as the color of your clothing in class. Aaron snowboards. Aaron skateboards. Aaron is a lucky guy, he's married to Jill. Aaron is a cool guy. We love Aaron. Do yoga, be like Aaron.
You can find Aaron teaching Bikram Thursdays at 7:30pm at @Fullcirclehotyoga

Margaret Walsh

Margaret Walsh comes to Full Circle Hot Yoga with a long and diverse background of wellness and fitness classes. With over 20 years in the fitness industry teaching many formats such as boot camp, spinning and Pilates, it was her distance running passion (and injuries) that led her to healing with yoga. Now she brings her passion for helping others achieve balance in their bodies and peace in their lives.

When not practicing yoga or running, you may find Margaret cheering on her three kids at swim meets and basketball games. She lives in Trumbull with her husband and three children.