What you need to know before you go

Our Classes

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as “The Original Hot Yoga” or “26 & 2” is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises done in a temperature controlled environment of approximately 105 degrees and 40% humidity. At Full Circle Hot Yoga, you will find an experienced team of teachers with a passion for this style of yoga and its many benefits. Our team will guide you through each posture from the beginning of the posture to the more in-depth aspects.
This method allows you to continuously work on each individual posture with a focus on proper alignment and receive full physiological benefits. Props are not used (I.E blocks) and postures outside of the 26 & 2 series are not permitted. Please come to class with a mat, mat sized towel & water. If you do not have these items, they are available for rent and/or purchase. It is recommended to hydrate, not only the day of your practice but also the days leading up to it. Please avoid heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to your class. This practice is fully restorative for your mind & body. It is highly effective with a disciplined practice. If you have a certain goal in mind, please speak with one of our instructors or contact us directly at info@fullcirclehotyoga.com so that we can help get you there!

Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is a practice that combines movement with your breath in a more powerful and fluid way. This practice is done in a temperature controlled, heated environment, of approximately 98 degrees with 60% humidity. The beauty of a Vinyasa class is that no two classes are exactly the same. Each class will present you with a different series of postures personally curated by your instructor with each individual needs in mind. Attending a class and you want to work on relaxing your low back?
Just let the leading instructor know and they can add in a posture or two to the class to help!

Fire Phiit

Fire Phiit is our very own unique style of High Intensity Interval Training with low impact moves done in a temperature controlled, heated environment, of approximately 95 degrees with 20-30 % humidity. At Full Circle Hot Yoga you will find our focus is on proper alignment for each move in order to maximize your results. Each of our Full Circle Fire Phiit instructors personally curates each class to keep your muscles engaged and your body challenged.
Please feel free to bring with you resistant bands if you would like an added challenge. If you have a certain goal in mind, please speak with one of our instructors or contact us directly at info@fullcirclehotyoga.com so that we can help get you there!

Workshops & More

Workshops and More. At Full Circle Hot Yoga you will find us running various workshops from time to time such as Posture Clinics, Restorative Ball, Modifications, Inversions and so much more! In these workshops we will dive deeper into all of the practices we offer and ways to improve your practice. You will have the chance to ask questions, work on adjustments, learn new things and most importantly create a stronger community.
Please note that all workshops are a special event and are not included in any packages or memberships. Do you have a workshop you would like us to host? Let us know! Email info@fullcirclehotyoga.com. On our regular class schedule you will see “26 & 2 music” or “26 & 2 variation”. Our music classes are done with minimal dialogue, low lighting & most importantly music. This class is a spin off of the Bikram series and an absolute delight. The instructor practices with you but will adjust postures and instruct more in depth when necessary. Our variation classes are a yoga fusion between the Bikram postures and the world of vinyasa. This class is designed to give you the best of both worlds. There is more instruction, lots of demonstration and most importantly, it is a ton of fun! Please note that while these classes are included in your regular passes, they are not beginner friendly classes. It is required that you take at least 10 traditional Bikram classes prior to attending Music and/or Variation classes. Additionally, it is imperative to your practice to keep a consistent Traditional Bikram class attendance. Questions or concerns email us Info@fullcirclehotyoga.com .
Pop up classes or Pop up series. At Full Circle Hot Yoga you will see trial classes pop up or a series offered. This means we are testing out a new style or time slot of a class and want to give our students a chance to attend. Some of the classes/series you may see are Yin Yoga, Mommy & Me, Meditation, Kids yoga, Kids Meditation, Advanced Bikram & Intermediate Bikram to name a few. There will be more information released on these classes when they are announced. Ideas? Email us info@Fullcirclehotyoga.com